Why DjangoBeer?

If life is too short to write bad code, then the same goes for beer

Anonimo, inizi XXI┬░ sec

DjangoBeer is an event based on sharing experience which provides new technologies and development lovers an opportunity to discuss. We wanted to create a meeting point for all those who share our interests and working methods to exchange opinions and ideas. It's an event open to developers in general (not only Django users) and all to beer lovers as well (not only Belgian beer addicted.
DjangoBeer is an event addressed to those who love to deepen their knwoledge in web development and to keep updated.
We rely on a simple belief: those who cultivate a passion must put their will and commitment. Therefore people need to put the best of their abilities, whether they are writing code or tasting a good beer. Writing good code and participating to the community is not that much different from sitting on a stool in a pub and talking to the person next to you holding a pint.
People can do these two activities in two different ways, both absent-mindedly or carefully and with total commitment. In the first case people will chose to copy code found on the Internet or to drink and industrial beer. If people put passion, instead, things change. A coscientous developer will always choose to go further, gaining new compentences. The same goes for a real beer lover: he is willing to get lost in Westhoek to find an excellent brewery which is not bigger than his garage.

Why Django:Django makes technology available to everyone. It's a platform programmed in Python language, easy to use and through which people can accomplish a huge variety of applications. Django is able to fill the gap and thanks to its universal language developers from different cultures can work toghether without difficulty.

Why Beer:Beer is synonymous with harmony and company. This drink often encourages the exchange of opinions, interpersonal and human communication. They come in various flavors and colors, shades and compositions such as beer and always knows how to adapt to the palate of the drinker, DjangoBeer suited to all audiences to spend a moment of sharing and good company.

DjangoBeer arose from the union of these two elements. This event has got different meanings, each of which contributes to give new imput and new ideas to all those who are eager to grow their competences in web development and programming tecniques.
DjangoBeer's aim is to unite people.
All those who recognize themselves in the research of good web developing and good beer are invited to participate!